Atomic Clusters

Atomic Clusters is a particle system inspired by the work Clusters from Jeffrey Ventrella. This particle system is physically correct, if you consider the fact that I created the very basis of the atomic rules of the universe it evolves in. I wanted to imagine a world where the atomic rules were different, but with physical rules similar to ours. Because of its complexity, I dedicated a whole article to its description.

Controlled growth of the system

A tool was created on Processing to explore the system at a small scale with greater precision. The source code is available on Github and the project can be executed with Processing in a matter of seconds. Feel free to try it out.

Atomic Clusters Explorer, Processing

A bigger scale version was developed in TouchDesigner, because this tool gives access to Compute Shaders, a technique that can be used to compute interactions between many more particles.

I was able to find interesting large scale behaviors:

Oscillating structures

This system needs further investigations in my opinion, since I only took the time to explore a bit was he could achieve at a big scale, without taking a step to see which ideas could be brought in it to improve it.

I posted some more artworks related to this system on my instagram:

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