Cyclic DLA

While experimenting with classic Diffusion-Limited Aggregation, I discovered a technique that allows for the introduction of dynamic patterns generation. This technique is described in an article I wrote, as well as some source code on Processing.

DLA was originally designed to simulate the growth of dendritic structures. However, many other natural-looking patterns can emerge from the introduction of cyclicity in this system.

I was able to simulate phenomena looking like the Belousov Zhaboutinski reaction, smoke diffusion, chemical diffusion, fire diffusion on paper.

What makes this system work, I think, is the control over many different parameters that all have interesting possible outcomes if tweaked correctly. The overall randomness of the system also helps the emergence of natural patterns since it relies on the distribution of particles in the space.

This is still a work in progress, but the output quality of what emerges from this system encourages me in any further explorations. I posted more artworks using this system on my instagram.

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